TRUE 2016 Lookbook

Featuring heartwarming true stories from our team.

Paris Jewellers is thrilled to introduce an exciting new campaign! The TRUE 2016 Spring/Summer Collection, our lookbook featuring true stories of love, family and friendship! 

The TRUE 2016 Spring/Summer Collection is a celebration of true stories, combined with thoughtfully curated jewellery collections to compliment each of the books seven chapters: Truly Authentic, True Happiness, True Devotion, True Love, True Friendship, Truly Appreciate and Truly Ambitious. Each chapter features stories and images from Paris Jewellers Brand Ambassadors (staff members), who were gracious enough to share their lives with us for this project. 

“Chatt is my light, I am lost without her”, says Harrold of his wife Chatterly. This loving couple is featured in our Truly Devoted chapter, and just one example of the heartfelt and genuine stories shared in TRUE. 

We would love to invite you read these stories, and have a look at the many features of this campaign!

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Have a TRULY fabulous day!