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Men's Stainless Steel and 6MM White Synthetic Pearls Necklace
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Men's Brushed Gunmetal Silver Paperclip Chain
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Men's Brushed Gunmetal Silver Curb Chain
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22" gold cuban chain for Men | Men's Jewelry
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Gold 20 inch rope chain for men
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Mens Gold Curb Chain
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Mens Gold Wheat Chain
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Mens Gold Wheat Chain
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Discover our exquisite collection of men’s chains in gold and silver. Explore a great selection of men’s chains in Canada. Find the perfect accessory at Paris Jewellers online!

Men's Chains FAQs

Men's Silver & Gold Chains

Discover a diverse selection of men's jewelry at Paris Jewellers. Our range encompasses timeless styles that seamlessly accompanies you from workdays to weekends, as well as bold statement pieces crafted to express your unique persona.

Among our assortment, you'll find enduring men's chains that are meticulously designed. These include the classic curb chains and the stylish figaro patterns. The curb chain features a symphony of identical interlocking links. Its composition can vary, encompassing sizable links for a captivating chain or intricately woven links for a more subtle allure.

For an Italian-inspired flair, explore the Figaro chain. Comprising two or three dainty uniform links interspersed with a singular larger link, this design weaves a distinctive tapestry of elegance.

Timeless in nature, a gold or silver chain for men also serves as an impeccable gift choice. Elevate special occasions such as milestone birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries with the enduring gesture of exquisite jewelry. Moreover, the significance deepens as the recipient can keep your thoughtful gift close to their heart, wearing the chain always.

What's the Optimal Length for a Men's Chain?

Determining the right length for a men's chain involves several factors, including personal preference, the chain style, and the desired overall aesthetic.

The length of a men's chain can either emphasize or play down specific features, like neck length or jawline contour, while also showcasing your distinct fashion sense.

Typically, men's chains range around 50-60cm on average, but the perfect length varies from person to person. How the chain drapes on your neck and what you intend to wear it with are crucial considerations in finding the ideal necklace length. Chains spanning 50-60cm will elegantly rest either on the collarbone or at the center of your chest, creating a stylish look when worn atop a shirt or discreetly tucked underneath.

For those planning to accessorize with a pendant, a slightly longer drop of 55-63cm is recommended. These medium-length necklaces harmonize well with a variety of outfits, making them a dependable choice, especially for individuals who don't frequently wear jewelry or are making their first chain purchase.

Choosing Between Gold and Silver Chains for Men?

When it comes to selecting between gold and silver chains, both options hold immense appeal for men. These precious metals offer enduring luster and adaptability, making them ideal for complementing a wide range of styles.

For a silver chain, opt for a 925 sterling silver variety – the gold standard for quality jewelry. This type of silver contains 92.5% pure silver, amalgamated with a touch of another metal to enhance strength and resilience. Silver presents remarkable versatility, boasting an understated charm compared to gold, while still delivering captivating brilliance. Additionally, sterling silver proves to be a budget-friendly alternative compared to gold, granting you the freedom to explore bolder chain designs.

To maintain the radiance of your sterling silver chain, exercise caution by refraining from wearing it in the pool or exposing it to chemicals like household cleaners. At the end of each day, it's advisable to remove and store your chain properly. Regularly polish your silver chain with a soft, dedicated jewelry cleaning cloth to eliminate dust and maintain its shine.

Alternatively, a gold chain or necklace for men holds its own allure. Timeless, durable, and effortlessly stylish, gold pairs seamlessly with various ensembles – from professional attire to casual wear and even formal events. For a piece that becomes your daily companion and stands the test of time, choose a genuine gold chain crafted from a minimum of 10ct gold, avoiding gold-plated or gold-filled styles.

Is Layering Necklaces and Chains Suitable for Men?

Embracing the prevailing trend of jewelry layering is a viable option for men's necklaces and chains. If you're new to the concept of layering, a good starting point is combining two pieces. This approach retains subtlety while enabling you to explore and uncover your optimal style.

There are straightforward principles to adhere to when mastering the art of layering men's chains and necklaces. Begin by harmonizing your metals – a cohesive appearance can be achieved through pairing similar metals like two yellow gold items. If you're inclined to mix gold and silver or various shades of gold, ensure the pieces share a common finish, such as matte or polished. Opt for pieces with differing lengths to ensure each retains clear visibility. Additionally, don't hesitate to experiment by juxtaposing chains with distinct weights or introducing a pendant necklace to the arrangement.

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