Our Jewellery Care Plans are available in both 3 year and lifetime packages. The plans cover the following repairs and services at no charge within the allowable timelines.

  • Re-tipping of claws once per 12 months
  • Rhodium plating for rings in white gold, once per 12 months
  • Ring sizings up to 2 sizes, maximum once per 12 months. Does not cover reshanking of rings. Certain styles of rings are not suitable for resizing and are excluded from the resizing service under this Plan
  • Chain/bracelet soldering, once per 12 months
  • Resetting/tightening diamonds and gemstones, once per 12 months
  • Cleaning, inspection and polishing
  • Pearl restringing, once per 36 months
  • Replacement backs on earrings, once per 36 months
  • Soldering earring posts, once per 36 months
  • Clasp replacement (same as original), once per 36 months

No annual inspection required after primary inspection is complete. Inspection upon Plan renewal is required. Ask your Brand Ambassador for more details.

Purchase PricePlan Price
FromTo3 YearLifetime

* Prices effective December 1, 2017. All amounts before tax.