A Cushion Cut Above the Rest

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Introducing our new Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

For brides-to-be hoping for a unique alternative to the classic round diamond shape, the stunning Cushion cut diamond engagement ring will be the perfect fit. With unprecedented brilliance and sparkle, the timeless and romantic nature of a Cushion cut gemstone appeals to someone more attracted to vintage style, but with a modern twist. 

The Cushion is an antique style of cut that looks like a cross between an Old Mine Cut (a deep cut with large facets that was common in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries) and a modern oval cut. This shape is also sometimes referred to as the pillow-cut or the candlelight diamond (a reference to cuts designed prior to electric lights, when diamonds sparkled in the light provided by candles).

All “fancy cut” shapes (pear, marquise, asscher, emerald, cushion), will be on-trend this year, with the ever graceful cushion cut at the forefront. Paris Jewellers is thrilled to include this stunning Cushion cut diamond engagement ring, with a delicate halo of diamonds and an elegant band – in store starting May 20th! 

View our adorable “unboxing” video of this stunning ring here: Wanna Open A Present With Us?