Romantic Proposal Ideas


Deciding just how to “pop the question” can sometimes be one of the more stressful parts of getting engaged. Go big or small? Invite everyone you know – or just the two of you? And of course, the most pressing question…do I need a flash mob, will they say YES?


Before you book a hot air balloon ride, or order 100 white doves to be released while you are proposing…ask yourself a few questions:

1) What is your partner’s “celebration” preference?

Are they private, or lean towards being introverted? If this is the case, a big proposal extravaganza might backfire on you. Is your partner the life of the party and loves adventure? Consider that a small, intimate proposal (while certainly romantic and memorable) might need to be followed up with a group celebration to feel “just right” for your love.

2) What is your budget?

You presumably just bought a ring, and you are thinking about the upcoming wedding…so making it rain for your proposal might not be an option. This is where getting creative, politely calling in the favours your friends and family owe you, and thinking “outside the ring box” will be strategies that will work for your budget.

3) Hey…be cool ok?

If I had a dime for every time someone told me “I thought we were breaking up, but then he proposed” – I’d have a lot of dimes. The line between “super nervous about proposing” and “super nervous about delivering bad news” can sometimes get a bit muddy – and if your love is getting weird “nervous” signals from you, they might not be in the most receptive mood for when you pop the question. So be cool, take deep breaths…you’ve got this!


Here are a few romantic proposal ideas for your love – and when in doubt, ask your partners friends or family what they would truly wish for in an engagement. There is a good chance they have shared their dreams with a close friend or sibling, so you will likely glean excellent insight into what will make a perfect proposal for your love by asking a few questions.

A trip down memory lane

Where did you and your partner first meet? Where was your first date? Where did you first know in your heart, that they were the “one”? And where did you first say “I love you”? Plan a trip down memory lane, stopping at all of the locations that are meaningful to just the two of you. Prepare a song list to play during your travels, and have your final destination take place in front of the spot where you want to get married. Romance, reminiscing, and a promise of forever – what a sweet and meaningful way to start your next adventure in life together!

With a little help from my friends

Is your social circle a tight knit group? You’ve all laughed and cried together through life’s ups and downs – and likely your partner can’t imagine celebrating anything without them? Tap into your network, call upon your comrades, and rally your squad together for an epic scavenger hunt. At each new clue, you pick up another friend to join the search, so that when you finish your journey, you not only have all of the most important people in your life gathered together, the final “clue” is of course, “will you marry me”. Pop champagne and dance the night away with your crew, celebrating your love and an exciting future together!

Taking Chances

Sometimes, taking a leap of faith is just what we need in life. Change is scary, taking chances – terrifying! But the exhilaration of taking that leap exceeds the fear every single time. Take your partner on a daring adventure – from whitewater rafting, to an epic rollercoaster tour! Facing something exciting and scary together not only makes your bond stronger, but provides you with epic tales to tell for the rest of your lives together. With flushed cheeks and adrenaline pumping, now is the perfect time to take that life-changing leap together into the future! YES!