Celebrating those who Mother

The word mother, by definition, can be a noun (a woman in relation to her children) or a verb (bring up a child with care and affection). I am going to focus on the verb, or rather, what it means to me to “mother”.

Firstly, my name is Erin Hazen and I am the Marketing Manager here at Paris Jewellers. I am a mother (to that cute kid in the picture above) and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ways that my child has made my life better in every single way. He is one of the kindest, most creative, thoughtful, and funniest people I know. I do not take for granted for one second how lucky I am to be his mom.

But I also recognize that Mother’s Day can be challenging for a lot of people, downright painful even. As a member an industry that puts a lot of emphasis on celebrating Mothers (noun), I wanted to pause and write this post about looking at this day from a different (and equally important) perspective.

I am grateful to have known many people in my life who have been motherly to me and to the people I love. My Mom, my Grandma (miss you Gra), and at various times in my life I have known teachers, friends, and colleagues who have all helped “bring me up” with care and affection. My husband was raised by two fiercely strong women – his mother and his auntie – both who provided love and care in their own unique ways. They mothered not just the children, but everyone in their lives. We have lost both of these strong women, but the imprint and impact they had on our lives remains strong in our hearts.

I feel motherly to the children in my life (nieces, nephews, and the children of my friends) and I am grateful to have a role in “bringing up” children in whatever capacity that entails (a kind word, a supportive talk, a comforting hug). We are incredibly lucky to have friends who are also motherly to our son – he has more “chosen” family members than he can count!

Maybe you have a mother figure in your life – someone who you turn to for advice, for tough love, or a soft place to land. Maybe you are someone who mothers others – you care for people in need and you are the one that others turn to. Maybe you are a single parent who is called upon to be mother and father – something for which you deserve the utmost recognition and celebration. Maybe this day is hard for you, and that’s ok. Your reasons are valid and you are not alone. Mothering is about bringing each other up with care and affection- even in the face of adversity.

All of these motherly relationships are unique, meaningful, and shape who we are as people. Certainly worth more than just one day of recognition a year – but sometimes we all need a reminder. Sometimes we need to pause from our busy lives and remember that someone in our lives (whomever that is to you) would be grateful to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be about presents or cards – just a phone call or message can make all the difference. A mentor and friend recently reminded me that care and affection are free to give and invaluable to receive. On May 14th, I hope that you take a quick moment to reach out to someone who has been motherly to you (your own mama, a friend or relative, or someone who has been a mentor to you) and acknowledge their impact on your life.

With Love, Erin