Discover the Beauty of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Are you getting ready to pop the big question to your true love? With the holidays just around the corner, plenty of lovebirds across Canada are getting ready to make Christmas 2021 extra special and share a life-changing moment with the one they love most. Whether you’re planning on proposing in the next few months or early in 2022, Paris Jewellers is here to make sure you have everything you need to find the perfect fit for your beloved. With a wide selection of breathtaking engagement rings available, including our brand new exclusive Eternal by Paris Jewellers line, finding a ring that helps you embody your love story can be easy!

Below, we’ll talk about one of this year’s most popular styles for engagement rings: hidden halos. Read on to learn more!

What Are Hidden Halo Engagement Rings?

If you’ve been ring shopping for a while now, you may have come across halo rings, which typically have a centre stone surrounded by an outer “halo” of smaller diamonds or contrasting gemstones. Hidden halos are a more subtle take on this design, with, as the name suggests, the halo being situated under the centre stone instead. The goal of a hidden halo is to pull attention away from the surrounding stones and to focus on the centre, as well as the more stand-out portions of the design overall. The result of this style is a striking, elegant ring that’s sure to wow!

The four main reasons to consider a hidden halo for your engagement ring is:

1. Extra Sparkle

Want to make sure your ring has that beautiful extra sparkle? Hidden halos are the perfect solution! The hidden aspect of the halo adds sparkle from all angles without adding extra “bulk” to the circumference of the ring, making it ideal for smaller hands, and guaranteeing your true love is sure to be wowed by the shimmer and shine!

2. Works With Any Diamond Shape

One of the best advantages of hidden halos is that they perfectly complement any diamond shape from round cut to pear, oval, and everything in between. It also makes it easier to consider additional features like a pave band without worrying about things feeling a little overcrowded.

3. Contrasting Metals

If you’re hoping to implement a custom design with mixed metals (i.e. white and rose gold), hidden halos make it easy to do so. Mixing metals with your halo gives a subtle, but beautiful contrast that adds an extra special touch to your design!

4. Unique and Stylish

Hidden halos are a beautifully modern take on the traditional halo and afford you plenty of opportunities to find a dazzling ring that your sweetheart is sure to love. If you’re looking for something as unique, elegant, and timeless as your beloved, hidden halos are a wonderful option to consider.

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