4 Tips for Finding your Wedding Ring

Are you a soon-to-be bride that’s looking to put together the final pieces for your big day? Feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to selecting your wedding ring? No need to worry, Paris Jewellers has you covered. When it comes to relationships and weddings, so often the focus is on the engagement ring, which can leave shopping for a wedding band feeling a little foreign, especially if you’re not much of a jewellery person and didn’t have any involvement in choosing your engagement ring. Fortunately, with a little help and focus, finding your perfect fit doesn’t have to be a challenge.

At Paris Jewellers, we’re here to make sure you find the right wedding ring to embody your love story and make your special day complete. Below, we’ll cover 4 things to keep in mind to ensure you find the wedding ring of your dreams. Read on to learn more!

Incorporate Your Style

While you might think that wedding bands all tend to look similar and, unless you’re getting a custom-made ring there’s not a huge variety available, the opposite couldn’t be more true! Yes, there are the standard gold bands we’ve all seen, but the truth is, wedding rings can actually be a wonderful way to complement your engagement ring and showcase your personal sense of style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles or metals, settings, and any other details. After all, your love story is unique, and you deserve a ring that communicates who you are and makes you happy to wear it for the rest of your life.

Consider Comfort and Function

Next to style, you need to consider comfort and function. Think about whether or not you work with your hands a lot, play sports, or have hobbies that could potentially damage delicate metals or stones. No one wants to constantly have to remove their wedding ring just to avoid damage (within reason, of course), so finding the right metal is important.


As with any part of your nuptials, the budget will play a role in helping you find your wedding ring. Knowing exactly how much you’re comfortable spending will help narrow the field and point you in the right direction.

Consider Wedding Sets

If you haven’t gotten engaged yet but are shopping in advance as a couple, one particularly handy option to consider is selecting a wedding set with an engagement ring and a wedding band. This ensures matching styles, and often gives you budget friend options as well!

Discover Wedding Rings and More at Paris Jewellers

As one of Canada’s leading sources for fine jewellery, the team at Paris has spent the lastthree decades our team helping couples across Canada add the perfect finishing touches to their big day, including wedding rings and more. Paris Jewellers offers budget-friendly financing options, including the ability to not pay until 2023, as well as layaway options with a minimum 20% deposit, making finding the perfect fit affordable and easy.

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