With This Ring, I Thee Wed: How to Choose a Wedding Band

If you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding (congratulations!), you’ve no doubt come to realize that there are quite a few factors involved in making your big day come to fruition. With all the importance and attention placed on engagement rings, sometimes wedding rings can become a bit of an afterthought, leading to a mad scramble close to the ceremony. As one of the most important symbols of your love, taking the time to find the right fit is a wonderful way to remember what your special day is all about. Below, we’ll cover some of the key factors to keep in mind when choosing this beautiful representation of your love story. Read on to learn more!

Not Sure What the Difference is? That’s Okay!

If you’re secretly unaware of what the main difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band is, particularly for the bride, there’s no need to stress. The truth is, it’s not uncommon for some confusion to exist. An easy way to think of it is, an engagement ring is a promise of the wonderful things to come, and your wedding bands are exchanged on the day of your wedding as a symbol of the commitment that you’re making to each other.

Where the engagement ring is often purchased without the knowledge of the other party to maintain the surprise, wedding bands are often purchased together to ensure they complement one another. Key aspects to consider when buying a wedding band include:


Not unlike choosing an engagement ring, it’s important to select a wedding band that embodies the recipient’s sense of style, regardless of if you’re buying for the bride or groom. Men are often pleasantly surprised to learn how many options they have available, and brides can often find a band that compliments their engagement ring to form a beautiful set (assuming the two were not initially purchased as one). Take some time to chat together to decide if you want your bands to match, what your personal senses of style are, and if you’d like to include and special extras such as an inner engraving etc.


If you’ve read any of our previous pieces on selecting rings, you’ll know that comfort is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind, especially for men, who are typically not used to wearing jewellery constantly. Be sure to consider any additional factors like what you do for work, how often you use your hands and may need to remove rings, etc, when making your final selection.


Finally, a third factor you’ll want to consider pairs well with both aspects above. Choosing the right metal comes down to a combination of both style and practicality. For those who work with their hands frequently or need a ring that can stand up to tougher environments, selecting a more durable alloy like platinum is a wise choice, whereas for someone where this is less of an issue, you may be more inclined to stick with more common choices like gold.

Find the Perfect Fit with Paris Jewellers

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