What are the Benefits of 2 Carat Rings

Are you in the early stages of searching for the perfect engagement ring to get down on one knee and propose to your beloved? Ring shopping can be exciting as you consider all of the different options and dream of the future. With a little help and focus, finding the right fit can be easy. Paris Jewellers is proud to partner with couples across Canada to help you find the perfect symbol of your love story. Below, we’ll talk about the perks of 2-carat engagement rings. Read on to learn more!

Choosing a Carat Size

One biggest parts of finding the right ring is deciding on the carat size. It can often feel quite daunting to know what size is the right fit for your intended, and the truth is, there’s no one answer that’s perfect for everyone. Typically speaking, around 1 carat tends to be popular at present, but many couples opt to upgrade to 2 carats to better encapsulate the beauty of their diamond. 2-carat diamonds offer a wonderful alternative to standard rings and offer plenty of sparkles to showcase your love and commitment.

As a size that’s large enough but not heavy or awkward to navigate in daily life, many couples find that 2 carats is an ideal size and offers many additional benefits including:

Better Value

A common misconception when ring shopping is that a 2-carat ring will cost roughly double what a 1 carat would. While this may be the case, it’s far from the standard. Diamond quality and overall rating play far more of a factor in determining the overall cost as opposed to size being the main factor. Paris Jewellers, we make the conscious decision to offer jewellery that uses high-quality diamonds, meaning you can count on our rings to last and maintain their shine for years to come.

Eye-Catching Appeal

Sharing your love story with others is incredibly exciting, and one of the best parts about proposing with a 2-carat ring is that your fiancee will have a tangible reminder of your love and devotion to share with their friends and family. If you want a ring that catches the eye and proudly states “our love is forever!” A 2-carat ring is a fantastic option.

More Setting Options

A large centre stone often gives you more options when choosing settings or highlighting features for a more dramatic or fashionable effect. Halos, pavés, and other styles look stunning alongside a 2 carat stone and allow your ring to truly “pop” and catch the eye!

Engagement Rings and More at Paris Jewellers

At Paris Jewellers, there’s nothing we love more than helping couples find the perfect expression of their love. With 23 stores across Canada and a staff that’s always here to support you along your journey to the alter, we’re here to make sure your special day is the first of many together as an engaged couple. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of engagement rings, including our exclusive Eternal by Paris collection.