Wedding Bands For You!

Diamond engagement rings are gorgeous; however, they’re not always pragmatic. If you work with your hands most of the time, a diamond engagement ring will probably get in the way of living your life. You’ll always be taking your ring off at work to keep it safe and then going through the hassle of remembering to put it back on after work (unless you’re looking forward to the uncomfortable conversation back home.) A great substitute for wearing your engagement ring every day would be to wear a wedding band. We’ll talk more about why wedding bands are a practical everyday piece. 

Matching Sets:

Double the rings, double the sparkle! Having a matching engagement set elevates the elegant look of your ring. If you’re looking for something with a story, this set is crafted with three diamonds intertwined, representing your past, present and future. You’ll be wearing something to remind you of your remarkable love story constantly.

Another unique set is the halo bride set. This is a beautiful statement engagement ring surrounded by a cluster of diamonds, giving maximum sparkle to the ring.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, this bridal set is carved with perfection. The simple yet intricate detailing of the wedding band matches the delicate design of the engagement ring beautifully. 

Jewellery Care Plan:

Our goal is not only to make sure you get the perfect engagement ring you had your heart set on, but we also make sure to look after you for the years to come. We offer care plan packages for both three and lifetime packages. Plans cover the following repairs below at no charge within the agreed-upon period.

  • Re-tipping of claws once per 12 months
  • Rhodium plating for rings in white gold, once per 12 months
  • Chain/bracelet soldering, once per 12 months
  • Resetting/tightening diamonds and gemstones once per 12 months
  • Cleaning, inspection and polishing

Ready To Choose Your Ring?

Select from our wide range of wedding bands or engagement sets for your special day. We also fully customize any design you dream of! Contact us or visit one of our stores nearest to you