Tips for Styling Gold Hoop Earrings

Looking to elevate your wardrobe this year and take your fashion prowess to the next level? As a staple that melds into almost every style and adds extra poise and personality to every outfit, solid gold hoop earrings are a “must-have” for 2022! Whether you love to bring out your inner’s 60’s style maven with large hoop earrings or want a smaller, more discreet option perfect for every day wear, Paris Jewellers has you covered!

With 23 stores Canada-wide that feature fashion forward accessories like gold hoop earrings and more, Paris Jewellers has everything you need to make your very own style statement this spring. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate this style staple into your wardrobe below!

Chic, Funky, Classic

Hoop earrings have become a longstanding staple, thanks in part to their sheer versatility and timeless nature. With plenty of added personality to add to any outfit, there are endless ways to style hoop earrings ranging from outspoken and attention grabbing to subtle and refined choices suited for more subdued occasions. Popular style options/inspiration for hoop earrings include:

Bold and Vibrant

Why blend in when you can stand out? From hoop earrings that shimmer with added diamonds set in white or yellow solid gold, to large, slim hoops that add a fun twist to any ensemble, there are plenty of ways to play up your hoops and create a statement that leaves a lasting impression!

Chic and Timeless

While larger hoops may stand out and command attention, smaller, daintier hoops add a level of romance and subtle style that pulls together your outfit and leaves you looking polished, prim, and poised.

Sleek and Modern

Is your sense of style made for tomorrow? Choose hoop earrings that incorporate more of a geometric, edgy feel to elevate your modern vibe and start setting the trends of the future today! Paired with a chrome watch or statement necklace, your hoop earrings will be sleek as can be!

Make Life Stylish with Paris Jewellers

For over 30 years, Paris Jewellers has been here to help you find the right finishing touches for all of life’s occasions. From bringing fashion to the office to celebrating special moments, and even ‘just because’, our selection of fine jewellery makes it easy to find the right complement for every moment. With an extensive collection of hoop earrings, tennis bracelets, engagement rings and more, Paris Jewellers has all you need to stay stylish.

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