The Paris Jewellers 5 core values

Core Values
When the Paris Jewellers team sat down to start the process of deciding on, and defining our Core Values, we had to first narrow down the list from about 100 choices that were resonating with us. Deciding on just five felt nearly impossible, but we needed to ensure that our core values would be easy to remember, meaningful, and truly define what it means to be on the Paris Jewellers team. After many conversations and brainstorms we landed on the values that represent who we want to be to each other and to our customers.



Our curiosity and desire to learn about our customers and each other is sincere. We strive to be approachable, listen more than we talk, and are genuine in our effort to help our customers.


Quality in our products. Quality in our interactions. Quality in our experiences. Quality begins with us. We choose quality craftsmanship in the products we sell, and are committed to a quality experience for our customers. Responsiveness: We are strong communicators, and are considerate with our customers and our team members time. We are responsive when support is needed and when celebration is warranted.


We are down to earth, easy to talk to, and always strive to make our customers and any visitors to our store and head office feel genuinely comfortable and welcome.


We are motivated by the possibilities for a customer’s celebration and, equally, by the desire to help a customer leave our store feeling happy. A can-do attitude means that we use our resourcefulness to overcome challenges, and go the extra mile for each other, and our customers.