Sparkle in Style with Swarovski Jewellery

As one of the most timeless and in demand jewellery brands available, Swarovski is a longstanding household name that instantly evokes a beautiful picture of grace and refinement. Known for their stunning pieces both for the public as well as the many gems that have graced the silver screen and red carpet, Swarovski has earned its reputation for breathtaking sparkle and long-lasting quality. Each piece tells a distinct story and adds something new to your jewellery collection. From understated studs to ornate broaches and statement pieces that are sure to steal the show, Paris Jewellers is proud to be a Canadian distributor of Swarovski jewels. Learn more about Swarovski below!

Over a Century of Glamour

Swarovski has come a long way from its relatively modest beginnings in 1892, with several partnerships with key designers in the 1920’s catapulting the brand into the fame and distinction it still enjoys today. While the Swarovski brand includes three different categories of products: crystals, optical instruments, and tools, it is their Crystal line that has by far become the gem (pun intended!) of their business. Each gem is lab produced, and requires a blend of quartz, sand, and other minerals to manufacture its trademark sparkle. It may surprise you to learn that, thanks to this distinct makeup, Swarovski crystals aren’t actually crystals at all, but rather a highly specialized type of leaded glass. This is just one of the unique aspects that helps set Swarovski apart from other gem manufacturers!

Undeniable Quality

In addition to their breathtaking designs, Swarovski crystals have become exceedingly popular due in part to their superior durability and longevity. While other costume jewellery may tend to chip or fade over time, with the proper care, Swarovski jewels will keep their lustre for many years to come. This longevity not only makes Swarovski pieces ideal for the present, but also a heartfelt choice for those looking to pass down family heirlooms to loved ones in the future. With iconic pieces the the Swarovski Swan evoking timeless memories, both you and future generations will have plenty of reasons to shine!

Affordable Luxury

Another endearing trait of Swarovski is its wallet pleasing price point. While other pieces with gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones can be quite expensive to acquire, Swarovski allows you to enjoy your very own beautiful collection without costing an arm and a leg. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, to find the perfect fit for a special occasion, or to treat someone you love, there’s no denying that Swarovski pieces are every bit as elegant and attention stealing as their gemstone counterparts. Best of all, they’re often available at a fraction of the price!

Endless Styles to Choose From

Part of the reason designers have chosen to partner with Swarovski is the sheer range and variety of their collections. With something for risk-takers, classic lovers, and everyone in between, you can count on Swarovski to have the perfect piece for your collection!

Swarovski Crystal and More at Paris Jewellers

For over three decades, Paris Jewellers has partnered with Canadians across the nation to create spectacular moments with jewellery pieces that are sure to wow. With 23 locations spanning 4 Provinces, our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience that leaves our buyers feeling confident, understood, and informed when making their purchase. With plenty of gifts for every occasion in-store and online, including access to Swarovski’s most popular designs, Paris Jewellers is here to help you find the perfect fit, no matter your needs. Contact us now to find out more!