Saying “I do”? Don’t Miss These 2022 Wedding Ring Trends!

Are you planning on saying “I do!” this summer? Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting experiences you can share as a couple, and choosing your wedding rings is a particularly special part. As a visual representation of your love story and a reminder of your shared promise to one another, wedding bands are a sentimental and irreplaceable item that we treasure for the rest of our lives. At Paris Jewellers there’s nothing we love more than helping couples celebrate each other and find the right wedding bands or engagement sets to complete your love story. Below, we’ll highlight some of 2022’s most popular wedding band trends to help give you a little inspiration as you search for the right ring for your big day. Read on to learn more!

Ethically Sourced Wedding Bands

Sustainability has become a huge topic of discussion and the focus of so many different aspects of our daily lives. It’s no surprise that brides and grooms are concerned with ensuring that their special day, as well as their tokens of affection, keep ethical practices and sustainability at front of mind. Paris Jewellers is proud to ensure that all of our diamonds are ethically mined. Our Fire of the North and Great Canadian collections feature stunning diamonds and wedding bands crafted from Canadian gold and diamonds, giving you peace of mind, as well as unbeatable beauty.

Coloured Stones

While diamonds are still the most popular selection for both engagement and wedding rings, the last few years have seen a growing increase in couples opting to break from tradition and incorporate different coloured stones for a more unique and personalized look. Sapphires, emeralds, morganite and other coloured gems act as a stunning contrast and can serve as a beautiful, uniquely yours, declaration of love!

Mix and Match Metals

Want to make a little more of a statement with your wedding band? White and yellow gold look beautiful when blended together, as does rose gold when mixed in. Create a beautiful blend of colours that represents two hearts coming together in wedded bliss!

Vintage Meets Modern

Art Deco and the 1920s have found new life in the modern world with many of today’s most popular wedding bands opting for a beautiful homage to decades past with ornate features. From three-stone rings to stylized ribbon and vine accents, other beautiful features truly stand apart and allow you to showcase your love in a unique way.

Toi et Moi

The “You and Me” design has become incredibly popular thanks to celebrities like Ariana Grande and Megan Fox. This unique style features a coiled band with two opposite gems complimenting each other on opposite sides. Toi et Moi rings are a great way to showcase your personality and incorporate coloured gems contrasted by a stunning, high-quality diamond.

Wedding Sets

Wedding and engagement sets are a great way to maximize your value and ensure that both your engagement ring and wedding band have a matching style that compliment each other. A wedding set gives you the chance to showcase your love journey in a unique manner, with both the engagement and wedding band telling a different, but equally important part of your story

Wedding Rings and More at Paris Jewellers

For over 30 years, Paris Jewellers has been proud to help couples across Canada add the perfect finishing touches to their big day, including wedding rings and more. Paris Jewellers offers budget-friendly financing options, including the ability to not pay until 2023, as well as layaway options with a minimum 20% deposit, making finding the perfect fit affordable and easy.

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