Resilience Inspired by Hope and Strength
Resilience Inspired by Hope and Strength
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Introducing Resilience by Paris Jewellers—a special line of jewellery made to show the hope and strength inside all of us and inspired by the colours of the year.

This past year has been unlike any other, the events impacting many in different ways. Messages of strength, hope, and optimism have inspired us all. We believe that jewellery brings happiness to people’s lives, and every time it is worn, they hold that moment close to their heart. May the pieces in this collection be a reminder of where we were, uplifting and encouraging us to look to the future with hope and optimism. A portion of the proceeds from the Resilience collection will be donated to The Frontline Fund.

Alanna Emergency Room Doctor


Emergency Room Doctor

I think hope is important. It’s just that bright light we’re all looking forward to.
Charmain Teacher and Assistant Principle


Teacher & Assistant Principal

This year you have had to give everything because everybody’s worried and everyone’s uncertain. So resiliency has been huge this year.
Michelle nurse



To be resilient is to be able to bounce back from something that’s been challenging… to become stronger because of what you have been through.
Nicole grocery worker


Grocery Front End Manager

For me, hope was going home and knowing at the end of the day, my son was proud of me.
Steve National Sales Manager, Paris Jewellers


National Sales Manager, Paris Jewellers

Together, we make a difference. Together, we shine brighter than ever.
Chau and Trang, co-owners of Paris Jewellers


Co-owners, Paris Jewellers

We have that strength, that courage, that bravery inside of us. And we just need to look for it. It is there. And that’s what resilience means.


Inspired by the tremendous resiliency of Canada’s frontline workers and the colours of the year, expect to see a softness in shades, strength in design, and contrast in warm and cool tones. Shop an assortment of fine jewellery with citrine, grey moonstone, and diamonds in fine 10kt yellow gold, gold plating and sterling silver options.

Resilience - Inspired by Hope and Strength
Resilience group photo


As we share more about the line and the stories behind it, we encourage you to follow us and share your own stories of resilience and what it means to you. Tag us and use the hashtag #ThisIsResilience for a chance to be featured on our pages.