Pay It Forward 2018


It was an easy answer for Chau and Trang, sisters and co-owners of Paris Jewellers when asked what they are most passionate about.

“Gratitude is the birthplace of kindness, empathy, of courage and it truly changes the lens in which you see the world.” -Chau

“Even though we had very little growing up, it never felt that way. We were taught to be grateful for our family, our home, and everything we had. Learning to see everything with this attitude of gratitude, made all that we had more than enough.” -Trang

Paris Jewellers is thrilled to announce the arrival of our first ever Pay It Forward program.

With their mission to create a kinder world, the Paris Jewellers’ sisters have developed a Pay It Forward campaign that will launch just in time for Mother’s Day. They have designed a beautiful and meaningful necklace that shares what they believe are the four pillars of positive change: Courage, Kindness, Gratitude and Today is a Gift.

100% of the profits from the sales of this necklace, and a second necklace will be gifted to a local women’s charity, chosen by each individual store; a total of 19 charities have been selected to receive these donations across Canada.

“We get to come to work and be around beautiful, stunning jewellery every day”, explains Chau, “there are some people who may not get a piece of jewellery this year or for years to come”. Chau and Trang are truly grateful that they get to empower their Brand Ambassadors to be a part of this experience that will positively impact many women across the country.