Paris Jewellers and the Map of Dreams

At this time of year, we reflect on the past 12 months and begin planning for the new year. We set goals and plan our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our loved ones.


As we reminisce on our humble beginnings at Paris Jewellers, we are brought back to the dream our family had of building a life and future in Canada. We were given the opportunity to open a modest 400 sq. ft. location store in St. Albert, Alberta. That store eventually grew to two locations, then to five, and now to 27 locations in four provinces across Canada.

Along the way, there were challenges and struggles, as well as many opportunities for learning and growth.

As we grew the business and opened more stores, our dreams started becoming a reality. At the heart of this was our Map of Dreams: a large map our family had printed, framed, and placed on our wall. Using this map, we would place stickers on cities where we wished to open stores and grow our business. This map represented our hopes and dreams—a reminder of the many blessings for us to be immensely grateful for.

If there was ever a moment that we found our belief or resolve was faltering, we would simply look at our map and it would give us the strength, courage, and determination to keep reaching for our dreams. To this day, we look at this map—forever a symbol of where we have come from, and where we will go.

On behalf of our family at Paris Jewellers, we sincerely thank you for coming along on this journey and believing in us. We are humbled and grateful that our customers choose to share their special moments with us. We would not be where we are without your support, and for that we are truly grateful.


As you set your goals and dreams for 2019, we wish you happiness, joy, hope, and most of all, belief—in yourself and what is to come.