How to Choose a Wedding Band

If you’ve recently taken the next step in your relationship and have gotten engaged, please allow us to express our sincere congratulations. Getting married is one of the biggest adventures you’ll undertake together as a couple and your wedding ceremony is moment of profound significance that you’ll remember forever.

Alongside your engagement ring, your wedding bands symbolize your commitment for the years to come, and serve as a beautiful reminder of both where you’ve come from, as well as where you’re headed. Selecting the right fit is easy with the right tips and focus points in mind. To help you make the perfect choice, we’ve compiled a short list of things to consider when making your decision. Read on to learn more!

Two Main Considerations

While there are many different factors to think about when choosing your rings, there are two main categories that they tend to fall under: style and comfort. Obviously you want your ring to fit into your sense of style and look stunning, but comfort is just as important, especially for men who may not be quite as used to wearing jewellery on a daily basis. Elements such as band metal, gemstones selected, sizing and more will influence both the look and fit of your ring, and should be at the front of your mind when making your selection. Aspects to keep in mind include:


It may sound silly to put your lifestyle at the top of the list for selecting wedding bands, but the truth is, it plays a huge role in deciding what kind of ring will work best for both you and your spouse. For example: those who work with their hands on a daily basis will likely prefer something much more streamlined and lightweight that poses less risk of getting caught on/in things, and those who work with certain chemicals may need to be more conscious of what alloys are used in the band.

Metal Type

As we’ve mentioned above, selecting the metal for your band can be informed by a wide range of factors beyond stylistic preferences. Knowing what you like, combined with what you need will make it easier to find the right fit overall. From trendier options like rose and mixed gold to sturdier alloys like platinum and titanium, the right ring will be matched to your exact preferences and requirements.

To Match or Not to Match

While wedding band sets are becoming increasingly popular due in part to both their streamlined appearance and budget friendly price points, many couples prefer to mix and match, or even design a custom wedding band for their nuptials. No matter what you prefer, having a general idea of whether or not you want a band that matches your engagement ring or your grooms band will help guide the selection process and ensure you leave happy with the results!

Find the Perfect Match with Paris Jewellers

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