How to Care for Gold: Keeping Your Necklaces and More Looking Timeless

Have you recently purchased a piece of gold jewellery and are wondering how you can help keep your new treasure looking its best for years to come? As a staple within the jewellery world, gold is well known for its simple elegance and timeless beauty that can help create breathtaking pieces like necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and more. Gold is a versatile and durable metal that, with the right care, will stay looking stylish for decades. Below, we’ll explore some of the most important ways to keep your gold necklaces and other gold jewellery in the best condition possible for the long term. Read on to learn more!

Understated, But Never Upstaged

As we’ve mentioned above, gold has been a longstanding favourite among both jewellers and customers for quite some time. While other metals may become popular for a season or two, gold has remained one of the most consistently requested options for everything from rings to necklaces and more. When cared for correctly, gold adds an undeniable element of refinement to any piece and gives you the option of traditional yellow, white, or rose hues to choose from. Whether you own a minimalist pendant or an ornate showpiece, there’s no denying that gold jewellery has an unmistakable beauty that helps set it apart.

Daily Care Tips

When caring for your jewellery, there are a few different aspects you’ll want to keep in mind to prevent damage or premature wear. While you don’t need to worry too much about gold, as it is extremely durable, there are a few precautions that will help your jewellery look its best for the long term. The following are key tips to keep front of mind when caring for your gold on a regular basis:

Avoid Chlorine And Cleaning Chemicals

Chlorine is notoriously harsh on metals in general, breaking them down and weakening its composition over time. To prevent sudden breakages as well as discolouration, leave your jewellery behind when entering the pool or spa.

Similarly, the chemicals used in many cleaning agents can cause harm to gold rings or bracelets, so wearing gloves is highly recommended. While occasional contact is fine (remember, gold is designed to last), it’s best to remember to remove your rings when cleaning or add an additional layer of protection.

Remove When Bathing

While water itself is less likely to cause significant damage, repeatedly wearing your gold necklaces, rings, and earrings in the shower can lead to a build-up of soap that causes a film to form over the material. Keep your rings and more shining by avoiding them when you shower.

Want that extra shine? Paris Jewellers offers a special Sparkle & Shine Stick designed to gently clean all kinds of jewellery.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your jewellery is a fantastic way to extend the life of your piece and to help it look just as beautiful as when you first received it. Gold is relatively easy to clean by following the recommendations below:

Soaking is Simple

When needed, soak gold jewellery pieces and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Then, rinse with clean water and blot dry. Avoid using paper towel or tissue, as they can scratch your jewellery.

Clean With Soap If Needed

The key to remember when cleaning your jewellery is that less is usually more. If you notice your piece is looking a little grungy, by all means, gently clean with a dedicated jewellery soak or rubbing alcohol (never use bleach!), but avoid the temptation to do so too often. Overcleaning can cause additional damage and early wear and tear.

Watch For Signs Of Damage

Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best care practices in place, our jewellery does manage to become damaged. Should you notice your necklace snap, ring setting seem looser, or any of the other issues that can arise with fine jewellery, it’s important to bring it in sooner than later for a professional evaluation. At Paris Jewellers we proudly offer care plans for our purchases to help protect you in such events, as well as goldsmith services to ensure you’re always cared for. With 23 stores across 4 provinces, you can count on us to help with all your fine jewellery needs!

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