Herringbone Chains: The Ultimate Versatile Accessory

Looking to refresh your wardrobe and add some special touches that give you the perfect mix of vintage meets modern? Herringbone chains are one of the most popular fashion accessories today, with their chic and versatile design serving as a “must-add” feature to every wardrobe. Slim, refined, and always in style, herringbone chains are easy to style and elevate your look instantly.

As one of Canada’s top jewellers, Paris Jewellers proudly carries a wide variety of stunning pieces that serve as the perfect compliment to any collection. Below, we’ll talk about just a few of the many ways you can style herringbone chains and make your ‘fit look elegant and polished. Read on to learn more!

What is Herringbone

Close to a chevron, herringbone patterns feature a row of flat, rectangular links slanted at an angle to create a braided look that resembles the spine of herring fish. This delicate pattern creates slim and lightweight pieces that are flexible for any outfit! Part of the allure of herringbone is that it is remarkable versatile and pairs well with almost every kind of style, from chic and sophisticated to sleek and modern forward!

Thanks to its versatility, herringbone can be dressed up or down and is a great option for:


Herringbone bracelets are a fantastic upgrade to any outfit, and the slim design means you can pair it with anything from athleisure to your perfect little black dress on a night out. From the gym to dinner with friends, herringbone bracelets blend in (and stand out!) beautifully.


A herringbone necklace is an ideal fit for every wardrobe and is your go to staple for everything from running errands to crushing it in the board room. As the perfect complement to a casual cashmere sweater or your favourite power suit, your herringbone necklace elevates your style and pulls all the right kinds of attention!

Mixed Chains

Herringbone looks lovely with contrasted with other styles of necklaces and chains. Whether you want an ultra-modern minimalist look, or a more bohemian vibe for the weekend, herringbone is your go-to-outfit chameleon that’s perfect for stacking and experimenting.

Find Your Perfect Style Staples at Paris Jewellers!

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