Find the Perfect Wedding Band with Paris Jewellers

Have you found Mr. Right the right fit for a wedding band? Wondering how to find your bride to be the perfect band to compliment her engagement ring? While choosing the right ring for your proposal is often thought of as the most decision to make, selecting complementary wedding bands for both the bride and groom involves considering a few details to find the best fit. Designed to be the physical reminder of your commitment to one another for the many years to come, it’s important to ensure that the bands that you select are comfortable as well as stylish. Below, we’ll cover a few key aspects to keep in mind when searching for a wedding band, including the benefits of designing your very own perfect fit. Read on to learn more!

Where to Begin

If you’ve begun to look at various wedding rings and find yourself surprised by the wide variety of styles and settings available, you’re not alone. Many couples are surprised to learn just how broad their options are, especially where groom’s bands are concerned. As you begin to refine your search, it’s best to keep two main factors in mind: style and function. For women, a primary concern is often making sure that their band matches and/or compliments their engagement ring, which can be made easy by purchasing an engagement set. For men, wearing jewellery may be a newer feeling in general, making comfort and function the predominant concern.

If you keep these two aspects in mind, you can narrow your choices even further by focusing on:


Choosing the right metal for your wedding bands is key for both style and comfort. If you frequently work with your hands and would prefer to avoid having to constantly remove your ring for fear of damage, selecting an appropriate metal will go a long way towards assisting you. Men often prefer tougher allows like tungsten, titanium, or platinum, all of which maintain their lustre with minimal need for reshining.

Please note that Platinum is available via special order.

Women often prefer a matching alloy to their engagement ring, or, as more recent trends have begun to make popular, a lovely contrasting metal that gives her wedding set a unique pop.

Both the bride and groom can benefit from investing in a comfortable fit for their wedding band, which has a gently curved interior that allows the ring to sit closer to the skin.

Design Your Own

Want to seal your vows with a custom ring that’s as unique as your love story? Paris Jewellers can help. Our team of goldsmiths can help you design a wedding band that’s perfectly suited to your style and needs, guaranteeing a comfortable fit and a look that you’re sure to love for a lifetime.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Fit? We Have You Covered

Whether you need help navigating the many wedding band options available or are in search of something unique, Paris Jewellers is here to help. For over 30 years we’ve helped customers across Canada put the extra sparkle on their special day. Learn more about our wedding bands, engagement sets, and more by contacting us today!