Experience the Magic of Disney With Paris Jeweller’s Enchanted Disney Collection

Did you grow up wishing upon a star and dreaming of turning pumpkins into an enchanted carriage? For many of us, Disney has become the source of some of our most cherished childhood memories that have stayed with us well into adulthood. Whether you grew up wishing to be a Disney princess, valiant prince, or even to cause a little trouble like some of your favourite villains (who are we to judge!), Paris Jeweller’s Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry line makes it easy to bring a piece of your favourite character along on your very own adventures. With stunning pieces that are exclusive to Paris’s collection, don’t miss your chance to incorporate your childhood love into today’s special moments. Learn more about the features of our Enchanted Disney collection below!

The Disney Princess Collection

Inspired by your favourite princesses, these stunning pieces combine elegance with a sleek design and just the right amount of whimsy. Featuring pendants, fashion rings, earrings, and engagement rings, the Princess collection is breathtaking and the perfect way to treat your special someone to a gift they’ll remember forever. Whether they’re fierce and independent like Mulan, as caring and brilliant as Belle, or as feisty as Tinkerbell, there’s something here for everyone!

Disney Villains

Prefer to take a walk on the…darker side? If you’re searching for a standout piece that’s just as breathtaking as their princess counterparts, the Disney Villains collection is a crowd favourite that combines deep, commanding colours with a stunning design. As one of our most popular choices in the Enchanted Disney lineup the villain’s line is sure to put a unique spin on any gift!

Marvel Watches By Citizen

Finally, Citizen’s line of captivating Marvel-inspired watches allows you to embrace your inner superhero while you go about your day. Wear Captain America’s shield around your wrist, give a nod to Black Panther, or defend the universe while staying on time with Captain Marvel’s shield. Perfect for men, women, and the inner comic book nerd in everyone, these pieces are a real showstopper!

Discover Disney and More at Paris Jewellers

As one of Canada’s leading providers of fine jewellery, Paris Jewellers is proud to offer our customers exceptional pieces by the top designers and brands like Disney. For over 30 years we’ve helped customers across 23 stores in 4 Provinces find their perfect fit for engagement rings, gifts, and everything in between! Learn more about the Enchanted Disney collection by contacting our team today.