Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

The world of wedding bands is vast and wide. And since this is one of the few—if not the only piece of everyday jewellery you’ll purchase alongside your partner to be–it’s a good idea to make some preliminary choices before you head out. Create a list of features that interest you so you can narrow your choices to find that lifelong band. Things to consider: matching your engagement ring, metal color, lustre, custom design and personal statement.


Dare to Be Different/Dare to Rock in Different Bands
No need to worry if he likes yellow gold and you like white, because there’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to match metals or styles. Don’t be afraid to choose your wedding bands based on each of your personal senses of style and taste.
Fashion Forward
Some jewellery fashion trends may come and go, so make sure the style you choose is something you’ll still want to wear for 20, 30, 40 years and longer.
Match Your Lifestyle
Your lifestyle should be a consideration when selecting your ring. Remember, your wedding band is daily wear and needs not only be comfortable but should also be one that you won’t need to remove often. Choose a look and feel that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle so you always look the right part.
Sizing For All Seasons
Since most people wear their wedding bands year round, it’s important to consider all the times when your fingers may swell and contract – from heat, cold, and water retention
to exercise. To ensure you choose a size that will best accommodate these types of changes, be sure to do your final fitting when you are calm and relaxed with little swelling to your fingers.
Quality Marks
All quality wedding bands will have stamps inside the band—either the manufacturer’s trademark and or quality mark (eg. 14K, 18K or PLAT) to certify the fineness of the ring’s metal. Ring designs containing two or more primary metals, will include a mark for each metal.


The choice of a great wedding band involves thinking about your tastes, your fiancé, your environment and your style. Just remember that you can follow or break the rules: It’s up to you.