Celebrating Glenda, A Woman We Admire


There are many, many marvellous women to celebrate at Paris Jewellers; the company is, in fact, comprised of 90% women. We are honoured to extend our sincerest gratitude to every woman who inspires us within the Paris Jewellers community and contributes to the achievements of the company. To each woman who brings her own unique blend of intelligence, leadership, humour, strength, and kindness (and so many other qualities) to Paris Jewellers…thank you. We are truly grateful.



International Women’s Day marks a special opportunity for us to celebrate a dear friend and valued member of the Paris Family, Glenda Pollock (Head Office, Inventory Department). She not only embodies all of the Paris Jewellers core values, but has made a lasting impact on her coworkers and the company over the past 25 years.

Glenda and her partner, Ken



Glenda’s history with Paris Jewellers began in 1993. She was hired as a Sales Associate in the very first Paris Jewellers location in St. Albert, Alberta. Her incredible work-ethic and customer-service skills led to her being promoted to Store Manager at the Paris Jewellers location in Bonnie Doon Mall. Glenda thrived as Store Manager and when another store in Bonnie Doon opened, Glenda managed both locations. After 10 years of outstanding work managing her stores, Glenda moved to Head Office and took the role of Office Manager. Today, we are beyond thrilled that Glenda still works at Head Office in an inventory role.

Glenda through the years



Chau, Co-Owner, Director of Operations Celebrating 18 Years with Paris Jewellers
“I have known Glenda for over 20 years and she has been such a positive female role-model in my life. She is one of the strongest women I know. Glenda carries strength for herself, her family, and the people around her. She has unwavering values and she stays true to them no matter what the situation. She has shown me the importance of being kind no matter the circumstance.”

Trang, Co-Owner, Financial Officer Celebrating 10 Years with Paris Jewellers
“Glenda has a genuinely kind and generous heart. She has taught me that you can accomplish amazing things when you are supportive to those around you. She has always been an unwaveringly strong pillar of support.”

Chatterly, Head Office Manager Celebrating 5 Years with Paris Jewellers
“I want Glenda to know how grateful I am to be working with her. I appreciate all of her help, guidance, and advice. Whatever I accomplish at Paris Jewellers is due to her mentorship over the years.”

Matt, Director of Property and Asset Management Celebrating 9 Years with Paris Jewellers
“I admire Glenda’s kindness and patience with others. She has shown me the importance of being patient with others and when dealing with issues. She is always willing to help and has always made time for me and my requests. I greatly appreciate her friendship and guidance.”

Kathy, District Manager Celebrating 10 Years with Paris Jewellers
“When I started at Paris Jewellers, Glenda was in charge of Special Orders. She would go the extra mile to help us make a customer’s request a reality. Whether it was at $20 charm or a $10,000 dream ring, she would ‘work her magic’ to make it happen. She handles everything with grace and kindness and is a calming influence on the other end of the phone. I am not sure if Glenda knows how many lives she has touched or affected. She has a grace and professionalism I admire. I learn from her with every interaction we have.”

Rosa, Store Manager Celebrating 11 Years with Paris Jewellers
“She knows everything! She is always so supportive, caring and friendly. I really appreciate how she goes above and beyond to help with anything! I have learned so much from Glenda regarding Special Orders. Glenda inspires me to always do my best. She always makes me feel as though I am a part of the Paris Family. I would like Glenda to know that I am so grateful to work with a truly wonderful, beautiful, and caring person.”



Glenda, Head Office Inventory Department Celebrating 25 Years with Paris Jewellers
“What I love about working for Paris Jewellers is how everyone works together so well. Everyone has very strong and different personalities, which is one of the things I love about them, yet you can ask anyone for help. It doesn’t matter if it’s their designated task or not, they are more than willing to assist, when needed.

The best role model I have ever had is my mom. Like most people, her life has had many struggles, yet she has always gone through them with a smile on her face while looking for the good in every situation.

One winter, at the end of a family function, I was getting my 1 and 2-year-olds dressed in their boots, jackets, scarves, mitts, etc.. While thinking out loud, I mentioned that I could hardly wait until they were old enough to dress themselves. My Grandma overheard this and told me not to wish my time away. This was the best advice I have ever received! Even though a situation may be difficult or frustrating, making the most of that situation and enjoying the moment makes it easier and much more enjoyable. Life goes by so quickly and we must make each moment last as long as we can. I feel good about the way I look for the best in every situation. For everything that happens, good or bad, I know you can find something good that will come out of it!

My biggest accomplishment professionally is to have been a part of a company that grew from 4 stores, when I started, to now 25 stores across Canada. Paris Jewellers has grown into a successful, respected and thriving business! My biggest accomplishment personally is my family. I have raised three wonderful sons who are well-mannered, kind, and loving fathers and husbands.

I read a quote once that I strive to live my life by, ‘If one life breathes easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.'”



We could not be more grateful to work with and celebrate each amazing woman on the Paris Jewellers team. Today we celebrate all women: those who are chasing dreams, conquering fears, supporting friends and families, facing challenges, and daring greatly.