Behind the Brand: GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Recognitions

Every so often I get an amazing surprise in my work mailbox. Sometimes it is in a pretty envelope, sometimes it is adorned with stickers or doodles, and sometimes it is just simple, thoughtful words. Guaranteed, each time I receive one of these sweet surprises, it absolutely makes my whole week better!
I am talking about our GEM Recognition program at Paris Jewellers. GEM stands for “Going the Extra Mile” and it is a simple little form that our entire team has access to. A GEM form (see image below) lists of our 5 Core Values: Sincerity, Friendliness, Responsiveness, Commitment to Quality, and a Can-do Attitude, and then a space to complete the sentence, “I am grateful to work with you because:”
That’s it! It’s so simple, but the impact is huge. I have all of my gem recognition forms and cards in a folder in my desk, or pinned up on my wall. When I need a little pick-me-up, I read these precious comments and am reminded that I matter to Paris Jewellers.
However the real magic happens when we get to GIVE these little GEMS away. It takes just a few minutes out of the day to acknowledge the people we work with, to show them appreciation for what they do, to celebrate an accomplishment with them, or maybe just spread some happiness and gratitude! Giving > receiving. Every time.
Our little GEM postal system is easy and efficient too. Stores from across the country will send in their GEM forms to our Head Office, and our team re-distributes them to the appropriate locations. It brings us joy even to just complete this process, because we know that someone’s day was brighter for writing the GEM, and someone’s day is about to get brighter for receiving it. Gratitude attracts gratitude and joy multiplies! PLUS we get to work around sparkles all day…best job ever!
Challenge Time! This week we would love to hear how you are spreading some joy and gratitude in your workplace and life! We have attached a generic GEM recognition form for you to use below. We challenge you to print out a bunch, and spread the love! Then come back and let us know how it went by leaving your comments below, or on our Facebook page,