A Guide To Finding The Unique Ring For Your Loved One(s)

There are a plethora of beautiful rings on the market, but what’s the perfect engagement ring for your significant other? Do they like white gold or yellow gold? What is their preferred diamond cut? Princess? Oval? Or maybe, they prefer stones other than diamonds? Morganite, perhaps? Or blue sapphire? Your options are endless but don’t worry; they are all available at Paris Jewellers. Here is your guide to finding the perfect engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé. 

I’m In love With The Shape Of Diamonds

Each diamond ring embodies a different style. The cluster and multi-stone collection engagement rings are bedazzling, bold and beautiful. The intricate design and poetic cluster of gemstones make this particular engagement ring truly an artifact. 

The halo engagement ring holds a diamond stone in the middle, surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds. For a more unique look, the outer ring can also be different coloured gemstones. You can find our collection of halo engagement rings on our website. 

A solitaire engagement ring is simpler than a halo ring, yet just as beautiful. It consists of your choice and style of metal with one gemstone at the center of the ring. Your stone of choice can be a diamond or any gemstone you prefer. A more detailed wedding band with smaller gemstones on the sides usually accompanies a solitaire engagement ring. 

Three stone engagement rings are also available at Paris Jewellers. The ring combines the simplicity of a solitaire ring with the intricacy of a wedding band all in. All three stones are lined up in a row, with a simple gold band or smaller gemstones engraved on the sides of the ring. 

Shine Bright …

… but not necessarily just like a diamond. Beyond just diamonds, your engagement ring can be aquamarine, morganite or blue sapphire and still shine bright like a diamond. Every soon-to-be bride has a particular stone at heart. Subtly dropping hints about different stones and noting their reaction will help you narrow down which gemstone to choose. Check out our inventory for coloured stone engagement rings.

Colour -Be- Mine? 

Once you set on a stone, the colour of the metal is next in line. Paris Jewellers offers a variety of metals like:

  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Two-Tone Gold

There’s often a constant colour choice your significant other wears every day. If the majority of the jewellery box is silver accessories, then the safest option would be choosing a white gold ring. If your soon-to-be bride wears mostly yellow-toned jewellery, then a yellow gold engagement ring would be your go-to. You can also lightly tread on the subject of colour, and your S.O. will definitely express their preference.

You Want It? We Got It. 

The perfect ring is waiting at Paris Jewellers. If you don’t find one, we can customize it for you. Either way, you will get the unique engagement ring you desire, perfect for your soon-to-be fiancé. Our extensive collection is found here, but you can visit us at one of our stores near you if you have something special in mind. 

And of course, congratulations to the soon-to-be-married-couple!