9 Proposal Ideas to Make Your Own


Paris Jewellers is your source of romantic proposal ideas that you can make your own. You know that marriage is a lifetime—your proposal deserves to be that memorable.Â

To help ignite your creativity, here’s a list of clever and romantic proposal ideas that just might inspire you to take it to the next level.

1. A Text-Message Scavenger Hunt.
Begin the hunt with a text-message of the first clue to the next location. At each new location leave another clue that will eventually guide your partner to the spot. The final clue is the ring and your question.
2. Trivia Game Night.
Enjoy game night together or with friends. When it’s your partner’s turn to guess the answer, your question can be asked while down on one knee.
3. A Message in a Mug.
Have “will you marry me?” printed at the bottom of a mug or teacup, depending on your partner’s morning cup of choice—make sure you do the pouring! At the last drop, while the two of you are enjoying breakfast or brunch, your proposal will be revealed.Â
4. The Notebook.
It can be difficult to say everything you want when you are riddled with nerves and at a loss for words. Why not write down everything you love about your partner in a notebook? The final page will have your proposal followed by “check yes or no.”
5. Garden Proposal.
Botanical gardens offer beautiful backdrops to the big question. Ask the garden staff ahead of time if you can arrange a champagne picnic along with your own garden sign that reads, “will you marry me?” You can lead your sweetheart through the gardens to your own private picnic.
6. The Sports Fan.
For the avid sports fan or athlete, display the ring within your partner’s favourite sporting equipment. For example, if golf is a favourite, take your partner to the driving range and have the ball—sawed nearly in half with the ring inside—strategically placed at the top of the bucket so it’s the first one your partner grabs.
7. Propose with the Kids.
If your children are young, have them help make breakfast or dinner with you and arrange the food to spell “will you marry me?” Have the kids serve while the two of you dine. Be prepared to get down on one knee when the kids arrive.
8. Surprise Getaway.
Plan a surprise getaway to a favourite destination. Whether you go tropical or rent a cabin in the woods, arrange to have your room lit entirely by candles and decorated with flowers for your arrival.
9. A Webpage.
Build a website displaying photos and messages of the love the two of you share. Have the homepage read “will you marry me?” with the option to check yes or no. Send your partner the link, then readily share the weblink with friends and family with the checked-yes response.

Make your proposal as unforgettable as the big day. Whether you’re a practical joe or hopeless romantic, bring your own personal touch to an unforgettable experience.