If you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship and commit to spending your life with the one you love, finding the right engagement ring to symbolize your love story and complete your proposal is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Paris Jewellers is here to make finding the perfect ring simple, and to guide you through every step of the selection process so you (and the one you love) feel confident when it comes time to pop the question.

We know that choosing a ring can often feel daunting, especially when it comes to knowing how, and how much to budget for. With the help of Paris’ experts, finding the right fit that aligns with your budget is easy and hassle-free. Below we’ll cover some of the basics to keep in mind when deciding on, and shopping with, your budget.


At Paris Jewellers, we believe that everyone’s love story is unique, and no two couples are alike. That’s why contrary to popular belief and supposed “rules” that you may have heard, there’s no set amount that you “should” spend on an engagement ring! While you can find plenty of stats regarding the average national spend from year to year (for example, in 2020, the average price of an engagement ring in the US was $5500), the only number that truly matters is the one you decide upon.

When budgeting for a ring, consider your current financial state, any upcoming factors that may change this (i.e. buying a new home, starting a new job, etc), as well as your overall financial comfort as a couple. There’s no denying that diamonds, or any precious stone, are an investment in your future and will cost a fair amount, but the good news is if you take the time to figure out what your comfort point is, you’ll be able to find a gorgeous ring that’s well within budget and sure to wow your partner.


There are a number of different factors that affect the cost of an engagement ring, including the materials used in the band, the stone itself, settings, custom additions or original designs, and more. For your center stone, in particular, it’s crucial to consider the 4 C’s:

  • CUT

The 4C’s are there to ensure both the quality and longevity of your diamond, meaning that finding the right stone is about far more than size alone. Each one of the 4C’s plays a vital role in influencing the overall rating of your diamond, as well as the cost.


Selecting the style for your engagement ring will play a big part in influencing the many components that go into the final product. For example, if you plan on getting an iconic solitaire setting, you’ll want to find both the right kind of metal, as well as a quality center stone to fully showcase the beauty of this style. Other styles like halos with or without a pave band, emerald cuts, three stone, and more will give you more variety and plenty of opportunities to find a unique fit!


At Paris Jewellers we’re proud to help Canadians find the right fit for life’s biggest moments. With 23 stores across 4 provinces and a streamlined online shopping experience that offers shipping North America wide, adding the perfect amount of sparkle to your proposal is easy with Paris. We feature breathtaking rings from coveted collections such as Fire of the North, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewellery, and are proud to introduce our very own luxury line of engagement rings, Eternal by Paris Jewellers. Contact us today to learn more about finding the perfect ring to propose with and let us help you write the ideal love story!