Paris Jewellers ✕ Shayla Stonechild

“I am not a statistic. We are not a statistic. We are the Matriarch Movement.”

The Paris Jewellers x Shayla Stonechild limited-edition Arrowhead Necklace was co-designed to amplify the stories of Indigenous women, with 100% of the net proceeds to be donated to the Matriarch Movement.

Arrowhead Necklace Isolated

Each element of this necklace was carefully selected.

The necklace features a double chain and an arrowhead pendant made in sterling silver plated with 10k yellow gold.

The arrowhead pendant holds significance to Shayla as her grandfather, Ray Oulette found an arrowhead in the backyard of her childhood home. The arrowhead signifies ties to her own lineage, a form of protection and moving onward. We must return to traditional knowledge to protect the land, water, animals, plants and our sovereignty; especially for future generations. We must recognize and reconcile our shared history between Canada and Indigenous people.

Arrowhead necklace detail
Arrowhead necklace diamond detail

Three delicate diamonds on the arrowhead symbolize our past, present and future. We must learn from our past to make decisions in our present to create the future we desire.

The lower four beads on the double chain represent the 4 directions, the 4 seasons, the 4 cycles within life and the 4 aspects to our wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; which are the foundations within the medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel, which has been incorporated into the Matriarch Movement logo, represents the interconnectivity of everyone and everything.

Arrowhead necklace bead detail
Arrowhead necklace bead detail

Altogether there are seven beads on the double chains. They represent the “Seventh Generation Prophecy” which ensures that decisions are made to be sustainable for seven generations into the future, including positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

For each necklace sold, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Matriarch Movement, Shayla’s non-profit organization. Their mission is to rewrite the mainstream narrative around Indigenous women. To have a platform that amplifies their stories of resilience and to highlight the good work that they are doing within their communities.

This donation will be used to provide accessible wellness workshops and resources focused on Indigenous peoples’ healing. The workshops will center on reclaiming their voices, bodies and spirits’ which have been silenced and stolen throughout history. There will be an intertwining of Indigenous knowledge with yogic philosophy; each workshop will focus on balance and harmony through meditation, movement and medicine to assist in reclaiming an Indigenous worldview.

Shipping August 2021

Thanks to your overwhelming support, we will be releasing one last restock of the limited edition Paris Jewellers X Shayla Stonechild Arrowhead Necklace. This will be the final opportunity to secure this special piece and there will be no further restocking. Available for pre-purchase until June 10, 2021 at 11:59PM MDT.

Thank you for your support!

This limited release is now sold out – we thank you so much for your overwhelming support.