The Connection Collection

We’ve had the honour of teaming up with Dr. Jody Carrington for an exciting collaboration—something truly special—a line of jewellery called, The Connection Collection.

This collaboration between Canadian entrepreneurs Dr. Jody Carrington and Paris Jewellers co-owners, Chau Lui & Trang Wong, represents the power of relationships. And despite our differences, the magic that happens when we realize we’re in this together. There is beauty in connection.

Every piece in this collection was designed with intention. The gold-plated paperclip shape symbolizes how we’re inextricably linked and wired for connection in our own gorgeous way. The collection represents the power of relationships and despite our differences, the magic that happens when we realize we’re in this together.

The paperclip link collection includes a pair of 30mm hoops in 10kt yellow gold plated sterling silver ($89) and 7.5″ bracelet with removable brilliant cubic zirconia heart charm in 10kt yellow gold plated sterling silver ($149).

“Part of my platform has really been around connection and reconnection. In the history of the world we’ve never been more disconnected than we are right now. How do we remind each other to stay connected?” says Dr. Jody Carrington. “We made the Connection collection that’s linked together so when people feel disconnected or away from the people they love, they can wear a piece and feel that love.”

We are on a mission to reconnect a disconnected world. #ConnectionCollection

10% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Outreach Centre; an agency devoted to supporting women affected by family violence, help meet their basic needs, and find solutions to creating a safer, healthier and more secure life for themselves and their families.

Red Deer Outreach Center